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Indoor Air Quality Houston TX, is crucial, and at Cool Techies, we prioritize your well-being. Our advanced HVAC systems are dedicated to enhancing air quality, providing unparalleled comfort to homes in the Houston and Katy areas.

In many households, the indoor air quality might be worse than the air outside. Traditional air duct systems need to be cleaned, maintained, and replaced regularly, to efficiently filter the air.

Cool Techies ensures the minimum requirements of ventilation and air quality are met using the latest ASHRAE standards. We provide a variety of on-site services to assist in quality installation, including duct leakage testing, airflow balancing, and combustion testing.

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    HVAC systems are necessary for maintaining comfortable temperatures for homes and occupants, and manufacturers are regularly developing new and improved models that are more innovative and much better quality than the last.

    We take control of the air you breathe. We combine our solutions with extreme filtration from HEPA Air filtration. HEPA filtration is proven and certified to filter ultrafine particles down to 0.003 microns – the smallest particles that exist.

    Conventional whole-house air cleaners can impede the airflow of your central heating and air conditioning system by as much as 50%. Our solutions have one of the lowest air restriction levels in the industry, so it keeps your home’s HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently without forcing it to push air harder. As a result, your system can lower energy bills while attaining a MERV 16 rating, the highest filtration rating possible.

    Air Flow Testing Houston, TX

    Cool Techies we know how important it is to provide our clients in Houston and Katy area with the right information and make them understand the problems surfacing their system. The reason why we offer airflow testing, or static pressure testing, to our clients.

    We all rely on HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems to keep us comfortable in our homes, most times we do not realize how important they are. As the years pass, more innovations when it comes to these systems are created trying to bring us the best comfort. With the new technology, it is making it easier for system providers to make their clients understand the importance of having an efficient comfort system and Indoor Air Quality Houston TX.

    At Cool Techies, we’re committed to providing exceptional comfort and energy savings to our Houston customers. We offer exceptional AC installation, repair and maintenance, as well as other HVAC services. With a wide array of financing options, we strive to make energy-efficient cooling and heating affordable to all. We’ve earned several awards so far, including the Angie’s List Super Service and Best of HomeAdvisor awards in 2019. You can trust us to optimize your home’s air quality.

    Airflow Testing Houston TX

    What Is Airflow Testing?

    Well, airflow testing is an evaluation that is done to determine the current condition of your existing HVAC system and duct to make sure they are performing to their best ability. If your HVAC system is not operating at its best capacity, this raises the price of your utility bill.

    About 50% of your energy bill comes from your HVAC system, did you know that? The reason why it is so important is to determine if it is working at its full potential. With Airflow testing, we can determine the location of problems in your HVAC system and repair them before it is too late.

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    Air Flow Testing Process

    We follow these steps when performing air flow testing:

    By doing this testing, we will be able to give you an in-depth review of the issues that are involved in your HVAC system and how we can fix them. With the adjustment of airflow, we can accommodate the amount of heating or cooling that room needs to become comfortable.

    HVAC Performance

    Cool Techies we focus on home performance optimization and improving indoor air quality in Houston and the Katy area. Our team will field measure the efficiency of your old system and recommend improvements for it. After, we will make sure to measure the new system’s performance to prove that it is functioning as designed.

    The effectiveness of the equipment is entirely dependent on the amount of airflow. When our professionals measure the airflow, they see how the system is performing. With this information, we can diagnose, repair, and balance, the duct system for maximum system performance.

    Cool Techies we make sure that you have the best airflow and air quality for your home.

    We measure your entire comfort system’s performance and show you how you can get the most out of your central heating and air conditioning. Newly installed equipment only operates at 55% to 70% of its rated capacity, we want to change this for you and bring you the highest HVAC system performance.

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    Insulation Assessment

    Cool Techies, we offer insulation assessment services in Houston and Katy. You might be asking yourself, what is an insulation assessment? Well, it is a system that covers and cushions your home to provide resistance to heat flow, making your energy consumption lower.

    What Are the Benefits?

    There are various benefits of insulation for your property, the most common ones are:

    We offer different types of Insulation assessments in the area of Houston and Katy:

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    Services - Cool Techies

    Attic Insulation

    When it comes to heat loss in your home, your attic is the first culprit. Having sufficient insulation in your attic is crucial to prevent high energy bills.

    If you haven’t maintained your attic insulation, then it is probably aged. It will not give you an adequate heat decrease. With the constant changes of weather in Houston, your home is vulnerable to having its insulation damaged and not keeping the heat flowing from the inside out.

    Cool Techies we assess your home insulation, bringing you the best heat reflection and insulation for your home. It will help you decrease your energy usage and save your money.

    Interior Wall Insulation

    Having insulation in your interior as well as your exterior walls will bring you a more formidable barrier against heat transfer. Having both walls insulated will dramatically reduce your home’s energy consumption. We assess your home’s interior walls. By having insulation in your interior walls, you will obtain protection from three kinds of heat transfer- convection, conduction, and radiation; allowing your home to hold cool temperatures in all types of weather.

    Recommended Home Insulation

    Energy Star has recommended insulation levels for your home depending on your geographic area. There are various levels of insulation that are ideal for different climates. Typically, colder climates require thicker insulation, whereas warmer and more humid states require less. According to Energy Star, the minimum insulation requirements for the Greater Houston area is between zone 2 and 3. Understanding which zone you are located in is important, because with the right insulation your home will help keep the temperature range you desire. Contact our team of experts today to ensure you get the correct insulation for your home!

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    Cool Techies we make sure to improve your indoor air quality, for your safety, health, and comfort.

    Fireplaces emissions, emissions from your stove, cigarette smoke, dust, mold or mildew, and pollution levels, just to name a few.

    By far the most harmful indoor air pollutant is cigarette smoke.

    Attic insulation impacts HVAC system performance by slowing the transfer of heat between spaces. Additionally, it blocks the flow of air. Trapped air creates heat.

    Airflow testing includes measuring the movement of air through an HVAC product and overall performance.

    Hot, leaky ducts can increase costs to your heating and cooling bills. This is easily prevented by having your ducts sealed and insulated your ducts.

    Poor HVAC airflow greatly reduces efficiency and overall performance. Your system will have to work harder in order to heat or cool, which in turn puts a strain on system parts, shortens longevity, heightens bills and makes it hard to stay comfortable.

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