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Maintaining your Houston home shouldn’t be a hassle. With Cool Techies’and ‘COOL’ Membership Plans, you can enjoy expert care, exclusive benefits, and priority service – all at an affordable price. Starting at just $149 annually, our memberships provide peace of mind and significant savings throughout the year.

Membership - Cool Techies
The Ultimate Guide to HVAC Maintenance

Choose the Right Plan for Your Needs:

Cool Techies offers three membership tiers to perfectly match your requirements. Visit our website or call us today to learn more and find the ideal plan for your home.

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Become a ‘COOL’ member and experience the convenience and value of expert home maintenance. 

Here's Why Our Members Love ‘COOL' Plans:

Membership - Cool Techies


Membership - Cool Techies

Peace of Mind

Membership - Cool Techies


Join the thousands of Houston homeowners who trust Cool Techies for expert home maintenance solutions. Sign up for your 'COOL' membership today!

Membership - Cool Techies

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