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HVAC Performance.

HVAC performance

At Cool Techies, we’re passionate about creating a comfortable and healthy environment for your Houston area home. Our approach focuses on two key areas: home HVAC performance optimization and superior indoor air quality.

Unleashing the Potential of Your HVAC System:

Hvac Performance
Hvac Performance

Airflow: The Key to Optimal Performance

The effectiveness of your HVAC system hinges on proper airflow. Our skilled professionals utilize specialized techniques to measure airflow throughout your ductwork. This crucial information allows us to:​

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Cool Techies: Your Source for Ultimate Comfort and Healthy Air​

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the ideal combination of optimal airflow and exceptional air quality in your Houston or Katy area home. We go beyond simply installing new equipment. We measure your entire comfort system’s performance and show you how to get the most out of your central heating and air conditioning. Did you know that newly installed equipment often operates at a fraction of its rated capacity? At Cool Techies, we want to change that! We strive to deliver the highest possible HVAC system performance for your ultimate comfort and satisfaction.​

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Attic insulation impacts HVAC system performance by slowing the transfer of heat between spaces. Additionally, it blocks the flow of air. Trapped air creates heat.​

Airflow testing includes measuring the movement of air through an HVAC product and overall performance.​

Hot, leaky ducts can increase costs to your heating and cooling bills. This is easily prevented by having your ducts sealed and insulated your ducts.​

Poor HVAC performance airflow greatly reduces efficiency and overall performance. Your system will have to work harder in order to heat or cool, which in turn puts a strain on system parts, shortens longevity, heightens bills and makes it hard to stay comfortable.

HVAC Performance - Cool Techies

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